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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What Happened to Common Decency?

My last entry on prying into the personal lives of others hasn't been the most well-received. There's a related issue, though, I'd like to press on the matter of homosexuality.

Whatever happened to civility and common decency? Even if you do personally find homosexuality disgusting, why is it okay to voice that? Further, why would you even voice it?

I'm a bit out of the typical mold in that I, personally, find all sexual relationships disgusting for me. How appropriate would it be for you to tell me that you're in love with someone and me respond with: "Oh, that's great and I fully support your right to make choices for your personal life, but I find it personally disgusting." Why would I even voice that? What I find for myself is completely irrelevant, intrusive on the discussion, and quite indecent due to the magnitude of the issue for you.

Let's not forget the magnitude of the issue involved. A commenter to my last post made an analogy to him voicing to someone eating sauerkraut that he finds it disgusting. The magnitude of the issue, though, is not comparable.

Let's take another example. This time, for me. I never plan on procreating. This is for several reasons, including the one outlined above regarding sexual relationships. I do plan on having a son, though, because that's something that is very important to me. As such, I plan on adopting within the next seven years. What if upon me telling you this, you reply: "Oh, that's great and I fully support your right to adopt if you wish, but I think it's best to only rear children who are of my own DNA." There's nothing wrong with you holding that as an opinion for yourself since it's something you feel personally, but it's completely irrelevant and intrusive on the discussion. Furthermore, you're passing that as a judgment upon my actions over my own life. The offensiveness of that is egregious.

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