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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is Ray Devolving?

So, Ray recently posted that he thinks holometabola's metamorphoses are proof of evolution. One has to wonder, then. Ray's obvious misunderstanding of evolution is getting worse and worse. He used to thing that evolution occurs within a pseudo-species but that it can only go to the boundary of the pseudo-species. Now he thinks that it occurs within an individual organism.

By Ray's logic, then, he has been evolving his entire life. He used to be a baby, then he evolved into a teen, then into an adult, then into an older man, and so on. But here's what I like to call the Problem of Stupid with Ray's fundamental misunderstanding:

If Ray has been evolving, and is continuing to evolve, how come his understanding of basic science is getting even worse and his arguments are getting dumber?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Its really hard for me to believe that he's that stupid when it comes to evolution. The concepts of it have been explained to him in both simple terms, and in depth explanations. Unless he's never actually read the comments he receives, or never read a biology text, it just doesn't seem possible for the information to not have sunk in.

Its one thing for him to understand evolution, yet still claim its a big conspiracy or something cuz he's so certain that god poofed everything into existence, but his lack of comprehension is just, well, indescribably dense.

I think he's just a big liar. He knows how evolution works, whether he'll accept it or not, he just keeps throwing out these strawman arguments against it because his followers believe every word he says. They would never think the atheists were actually the honest ones.