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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Conservatism is Dead

I have had my absentee ballot request filled out and in a sealed, addressed, stamped envelope for some time now. It has been sitting on a shelf and hasn't moved. I had not decided if I would vote or not. Individual voting is entirely symbolic. My one vote doesn't count. But the symbolism is important to me, so I would vote anyway. For example, in 2006 I voted for a commissioner and a few other positions, but not the top level offices. The only way your vote matters is if you get others to vote your way, which is perhaps the purpose of this post.

This cycle, though, there really hasn't been anything to be excited about. I have to vote in Oklahoma which has the most restrictive ballot access measures in the nation. As such, I won't reward them by giving either major party my vote just because I have no alternative. That's where I found myself this election. Neither Obama nor McCain is palatable. I'd appreciate a conservative, but neither is.

On those two, who is more appealing? Obama I suppose. I detest many of his policies I have read, but he has some redeeming qualities. His appearance -- skin color and name -- are both appealing, given our current situation. He taught constitutional law for over a decade. He seems dedicated to the separation of church and state. He doesn't seem to get into the partisan politics like most -- everyone has to to an extent, of course. A major consideration, though, is the Supreme Court. Given who Bush appointed, it's important not to let McCain have even a single position.

So, I've decided to just try something this election. I'm going to be a single-issue voter. A single issue voter is one who gives political support on one essential issue or idea. And my defining issue? Separation of Church and State. The level of religious discourse in this election is egregious and unconscionable.

As such, I am making this post and casting my vote in support of Barack Hussein Obama. I am leaving now to mail my ballot request. Perhaps a further post on why I chose Obama, but for now I have enough to swallow that I am actually voting for a liberal and, especially, one as liberal as Obama.

Conservatism is dead.


Anonymous said...

I agree that true conservatism is dead. It has been hijacked by the religious and is really making me consider either voting for Obama, or not voting at all. Everyone tells me I must, must! vote, but I don't think I can bring myself to vote for either candidate.

There are plenty of issues where I'm more in agreement with Obama, and very few where I'm in agreement with McCain, but the few with McCain are rather important to me. I can't, as of yet, decide where to cast my vote, if at all.

If I were to vote for McCain, it'd be purely on reasons that will personally affect my life, if I were to vote for Obama, it'd be for the (possible) greater good of everyone. I'm not sure I'm selfish enough to go with McCain.

Milo said...

I posted a comment on your post of
Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Abortion Arguments You Shouldn't Make. Sorry to be so behind the times.

There is no way I could vote for a republican after the last 8 years.

DisComforting Ignorance said...


I don't think I trust McCain even on those issues which I agree with his rhetoric. Even those where his rhetoric is nice, his plans seem to fall flat, or at least fall short of what I think would be optimal.

There's a lot I don't like about Obama, including some issues which are central to his campaign, such as healthcare.

I've said in previous posts I've become almost apolitical. With the death of conservatism, the mindnumbing ignorance of voters (especially those who just regurgitate press releases and soundbites of their Party), and the superficiality of the media and political discourse, it's hard to translate my passion into matter.

So, rather than not voting, I figure I'll be another voter to the atheist bloc.

Oh, and @ Milo
I'm with you there. Conservative just seems to be another word for Republican, now. As Bush and those who have followed rank-and-file are anything but conservative, both on social and economic issues. And the way the Republican Party has organized itself around misinformation for the uneducated people and latching onto the skirt of the evangelicals? It's difficult to fathom how they can attach the word "principle" to the arbitrary.