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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Christians: Convince Me

This request is open to all religions, though specifically to the Christians who read this blog. Post your response as a comment, anonymous comment, or email me at Whatever you submit, I will make a post on it and what I think about it. This is your chance to convince me or at least find out why I think whatever your reason or evidence is is not credible.

The prompt is simple:
What reason is there to believe in the authenticity of the Bible, its message, and/or Christianity?
You can submit any claim that you like; whatever you find convincing. It cannot be an argument "against atheism" as that bears no weight on the validity of Christianity -- atheism is simply the lack of belief. I am asking for any reason or evidence to warrant a belief.

Some reasons or evidence that qualify for submission could include historicity of Jesus, authenticity of the Bible, historical arguments for the Bible, revelations, anecdotes, empirical evidence, studies, etc. You should keep in mind that these aren't necessary credible, but examples that go towards reasons or evidence for Christianity.

Some reasons or evidence that do not qualify for submission include arguments for the existence of a Deistic God (one who created the universe and left it alone) as it does not go towards Christianity, but rather Deism. Arguments such as "you need to accept Jesus to wash your sins away" or anything along that line -- I want arguments for Jesus and the Bible, not arguments from Jesus and the Bible.

Keep in mind that I will consider how your reasons and evidence apply to both Christianity and other religions. I want to be convinced of Christianity, not of Deism or evidence that can be used for any religion.

Those are the ground rules. I look forward to your submissions.


MrFreeThinker said...

Is this challenge still up? I might take this challenge. Look for a response this weekend with a link to my blog at wordpress.It will probaly be in the area of history(I need a couple days to do my reasearch)
And this is beside the point but hy no arguments for god. Are you going to grant that some god might exist for the sake of argument? all the arguments deal with different aspects of god ex..the anthropic principle deals with a god who cares about human life, the ontological argument deals with greatness and the moral argument deals with his moral nature.It's unfair to chalk up all those aspects of god to deism.they could fit the Christian god just as well( if not more).
Why not take arguments against atheism? I know it doesn't prove Christianity but are you just afraid your worldview can't stand up to criticism?

DisComforting Ignorance said...

Hey MrFreeThinker,

Yes, it's still open. Don't necessarily expect a prompt reply, though. I have several projects I'm working on as well as a few events.

My comment to you was getting a little lengthy and I figured it was generally applicable, so I posted it as an entry:

Arguing for the Christian God

Let me know if that clears up all your questions.

- JT

MrFreeThinker said...

I've taken up your challenge aat my wordpress blog.

and Argument