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Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Am No Longer an Atheist

Over at The Raytractors, I offered a little contest to identify some activities, principles, or causes that are religions under Ray Comfort's definition of religion. Since Silent Dave stole the one I was going to do on Raylianism, I decided to go a little different of a route:

If Ray can select the inappropriate connotation of the word religion (zeal) to prove that atheism is a religion, then I can, by the same method, show that atheists are fools for not believing in gods -- and Ray Comfort is a fool for believing in his false god. I submit the following definition for God from the American Heritage Dictionary -- the same one Ray chose his definition of religion from:
A very handsome man.
Brad Pitt -- God

I am no longer an atheist.


R.S. said...

Does this make Palin Satan?

Anonymous said...

Lol, nice. Just for kicks, here's a definition that gives almost everyone a god:

God is that which depends on nothing else.

For most atheists this would mean that the physical universe is god.