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Friday, September 26, 2008

Best Atheist TV Line Ever

I am in the process of watching Brothers & Sisters: Season Two on DVD. One of the sisters, Kitty, is engaged to a Republican senator, Robert, who is running for President. Robert is rehearsing answers to possible debate questions with his advisors. Kitty's been feeling sick from the shrimp pizza that's sitting in the room:
Travis: Senator, do you believe in evolution, or is it, as the Bible said, that God created the world in six days?
Robert: Well, that’s a little before my time.
Travis: That’s good! Use humor. It makes you seem like a real person.
Robert: I am a real person.
Travis: (Laughs) Should I repeat the question?
Robert: Well, the question's the problem. Faith and science shouldn't be mutually exclusive. Whether you believe six days is literally six 24-hour intervals or something longer, well... that's a conversation we can have.
Robert: But, if you’re asking me whether or not I believe in God: the answer’s yes.
Kitty: (Throws up)
Travis: What, is she an atheist?

That nearly killed me.

Literally, I was taking a drink at the time and choked in laughter.

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