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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two Creationist Laughs

Just a quick note on two creationists. First up is VenomFangX. Thunderf00t (the one and only) has posted the following ultimatum to VenomFangX:

I thought I'd share my support with him, so I dropped him a line:
The content of what creationists like VFX publish is irrelevant. We live in a free society of free ideas -- much to the chagrin of those very same creationists. What VFX has done has gone beyond mere censorship of dissent on his private videos. While that is an odious mark of anti-intellectualism and acknowledgment of the untenableness of his arguments, it is still his private channel and he is well within his rights.

What he has apparently done, though, is abuse a venue provided by both YouTube and the government of this country in order to expand his censorship to other channels. Not only is his intellectual fortitude so scarce that he must prohibit dissent in his own little bubble of the Internet, he must wage a cowardice assault from behind his keyboard to prohibit dissent everywhere.

He has, like so many others, gotten so comfortable with the anonymity of the Internet that he has shown his Christianity mandates no integrity on his part. He seems to be part of the "it's okay to lie for Jesus" camp. He has abused a service meant for legitimate claims for real infringements to compensate for his own intellectual impotence.

I hope you pursue him; not for his content, but for his conduct. If any atheist did what the "good Christian" VFX did, I would demand the same. For someone who is so quick to profess the moral superiority of Christianity, it's interesting to see, via his latest video, how unapologetic he is regarding his decisively unethical actions.

While he likes to play the victim, I am not asking you to crucify him. I am asking for you to pursue what is just. For that goal, I would happily furnish contributions.

The other creationist is Sarah Palin (also, the one and only). I'm rather uninterested in the flurry of posts about her due to the blatant hypocrisy and frivolities in this election. I'm given a presentation to my atheist group this Friday on the election, though, so I thought I'd watch a lot of media today to grab a few clips. Without fail, anytime they asked for her foreign policy experience, she would say that her state is bordered by two countries and there's a spot in Alaska where you can actually see Russia.

Really? I mean, really? Hey, I think tomorrow I'll go apply to be the CEO of Bank of America. When they ask for my experience, I will reply that there are several banks nearby and that I can see one from my window.

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