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Friday, September 5, 2008

What Have I DONE?!

Oh no! I thought my article debunking gravity was well put together, but I didn't actually expect to convince anyone that gravity is absurd and the theory full of holes. I thought it was completely innocent. Obviously, I was wrong. I didn't consider that Ray Comfort would read my blog as, apparently, he agrees that gravity is not well supported:
Science discovered that when a certain object moves at a certain speed it supersedes the law of gravity, and can fly. [...] However, we now know that even though the law of gravity remains, the flying object has moved into a higher law, the invisible law of aerodynamics.
I just contributed to Ray making my brain hurt more with his posts. To the people who follow him into the gates of science illiteracy Hell with evolution denial: how can you possibly subscribe to or trust anything this man has to say regarding science after a statement like this? The man who thinks light is invisible also thinks the law of aerodynamics is invisible (whatever that means), that flight "supersedes" the law of gravity, and that the law of aerodynamics is a "higher law" than the law of gravity?

I was working on a post regarding my discussion group tonight that I attended regarding science advocacy. If only I had had this article to bring in to discuss. Indeed, we discussed the problem with elementary and secondary education in science classes and the horribly inadequate and incorrect presentation of science. Too many people are taught in middle school that a law is fundamentally different than a theory and that a theory is synonymous with hypothesis. Too many are taught in middle school that a law is just a "proven" theory and that there are certain hierarchies there.

Too bad many people, like Ray Comfort, never move beyond this middle school concept of science. Too bad Ray Comfort writes on and "teaches" science topics to people. Too bad many people follow Ray Comfort and trust him on science topics.

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