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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Closing the Funny Factory?

Ray claims he's thinking about closing his blog down due to the annoying atheist flies. You can see in his post the makings of a new canard to toss out in interviews. First it was the atheists who were unscrupulously editing his banana video to make his banana argument appear untenable. Now it's the atheists who are relentlessly spamming his blog with profanity, blasphemy, and pornography forcing him to abandon it.

He won't do it, though. He's just like VenomFangX and most of the other ignorance-peddling Christian creationists out there. Those two are birds of a feather from beak to tail. They don't have rational arguments to build their cases on, so they build it on a persecution complex. That's all this is: him playing to his persecution complex.

He's the victim at the hands of the relentless atheists. What he fails to mention is that it's the atheists' logic and rationality that's relentless. I don't really care if his blog closes down. It makes for a nice serving of ridiculous in the afternoon, but that's about it. While that's a plus, he counteracts it with truly frustrating posts such as those that fall in line with the "science leads you to killing people" idiocy.

Hey Ray, quit placating the persecution complexes of you and your followers. It's nice to see you taking a break from your inanity and foolishness on the only two topics you post on: the blind atheist religion and science denial/illiteracy. But taking a break and posting some whining post where you flail your arms, stamp your feet, and hold your breath isn't much of an improvement (though, it is an improvement).

How about taking a break and posting something of interest, such as a post with a logically sound argument or a post which demonstrates at least an eighth grade level understanding of science?

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