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Saturday, September 6, 2008

$25, If You Prove Gravity

As I have already exposed gravity as the fraud that it is, I see no reason to post on it further. I am a rational individual, though, which is more than I can say about the dogmatic Newtonists. So, I feel compelled to offer a small prize to force them to inspect their beliefs.

I am but a senior in college with a web development business. I do not exploit my followers for large sums of money, pay myself from my ministry in excess of $100,000, and do not own a home worth a quarter of a million dollars (which is more than I can say for Ray Comfort).

As such, I cannot offer a $10,000 prize like Ray Comfort and, since I have the integrity to back mine up with actual cash even though no one can prove something as nonexistent as gravity (or unicorns), I am offering a prize of $25 to anyone who can give any empirical evidence (scientific proof) for gravity*. My $25 offer demonstrates that the hypothesis of gravity is nothing more than a religious belief. It may be a paltry sum, but if gravity is as obvious as the believers in the theory tale of gravity claim that it is, it should be a quick buck.

* NOTE: When I use the word gravity, I am not referring to the minor attractions of various things on the Earth to the Earth (microgravity via The Flying Spaghetti Monster's noodley appendage). I am referring to the general theory of gravity (Newtonism) which believes these five major events take place without the Flying Spaghetti Monster:

1. All matter and energy gravitated itself into existence.
2. The Big Bang created gravity.
3. Every object, including dogs and kittens, have gravitational orbits around them.
4. The Moon is on a crash course towards Earth -- since Earth supposedly has a gravitational pull on the Moon.
5. A bowling ball and a feather can be dropped from the top of a building at the same time and hit the ground at the same time.

P.S. Oh, and sorry Newtonists. No articles of faith will be accepted, so no submissions of "just believe" will be accepted. To quote the great Dr. Comfort: "'Chance' or 'accident' is too bigger leap of blind faith for me. The evolutionist's version of 'just believe' isn't good enough. I want verifiable scientific facts."

P.P.S. A special thanks to the crook Kent Hovind for this challenge; it is modeled after his $250,000 challenge for the equally insane theory tale of evolution.


R.S. said...

Yeah! I'm with ya'! These dirty 'NewtAAAAHHHnists' will believe anything if it doesn't have to do with God!

They choose to not believe in him because they are angry at him. He got them mad! Oooh!

I mean, if Newtonism (which is a religion!) were real, we'd all be crawling on our bellies and crashing into each other.

Hal said...

Theory of Gravity, Lightning, Aether, Fire, and Everything

By Hal McKinney
(May 1, 2008)

As far as I am aware, to date, there has been no clear definition of gravity much beyond observations of falling apples, drunks, orbiting satellites, and the (alleged) “bending” effects on light.

g =
To understand my theory, imagine an atom with its nucleus and its concentric covalent shell(s) of electron cloud(s). My (limited) understanding is that when atoms join together to form molecules that they end up sharing some of these clouds and this is what helps bind the molecule together. As far as I am aware, this is where it is thought to end. I believe that it does not end there. I think that electron “clouds” form around any collection of mass, not just molecules.

Now imagine a larger collection of mass, like a planet, with its much larger (yet invisible) concentric spheres of electron clouds extending away from this planet as far as its gravitational effects go. Next, imagine another object, like a meteor with its own “electron halos” entering into the planet’s halos. Electrons are negatively charged, and just as the negative sides of two magnets will repel each other, I think that as electron halos enter each other that they repel inwards and thus you have gravity.

Now, I got to thinking about this, (as it happened, during a severe thunderstorm.) Essentially, if this gravity theory is correct, then I think that lightning is simply electrons making a quantum leap as the mass of the thundercloud changes. Electrons leap up as thunderhead builds and leap down as it dissipates its mass back to earth as rain.

Another consequence of this I believe is that electron halos must be pervasive everywhere in the universe that is affected in any way by what we think of as gravity (which I guess is pretty much everywhere).

If this is so, electrons could be the mysterious “aether” upon which light waves propagate. I think this could be true and still not violate Einstein’s light speed observations as they pertain to different inertial frames of reference. My understanding is that electrons in a field around a mass stay fairly stationary relative to the mass and hardly move as a wave of energy passes through (like sound through air but much faster).

As I continued to build on my imaginings of our world in this new light, I would start to look at simple things quite differently… like the flame of a candle. I think the flame is also made of electrons as they leave the combusted fuel molecules of the wick as it burns. These electrons keep traveling up until they dissipate into the next nearest halo that is not already full of electrons.

This could be why classical physics is different at the quantum level. The quantum level begins inside the “last halo” of electrons around the atom. (Does this then qualify as a “Theory of Everything”?)