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Monday, September 8, 2008

Holy Hatred: Homosexuality

Yesterday I offered an open-ended request to Christians to show me some good reason or evidence to believe in Christianity, the authenticity of the Bible, and/or its message. While that's still open, I thought I would advance a smaller question relating to it regarding homosexuality.

I hear it often described that the Bible is the best guide to live your life by. In fact, my father told me for many years that one of the most convincing things for him is that following the laws and guidelines in the Bible leads to a better life and disobeying them never bodes well. While I am not "out" to my father about being an atheist (as he would never speak to me again), I had a discussion with him one night last year regarding the Leviticus codes that I will now post here.

It's difficult to make sense of all the things written in Leviticus and those early books. Many Christians now today simply pick and choose from them so that they don't have to deal with things such as slavery. We can focus on one of the things that some Christians are not choosing while others are choosing: homosexuality.

If the guidelines of the Bible really are the best we have, if the things said to be immoral there are because they are harmful, then I must ask, what objective reason is there for considering homosexuality immoral? Or, better yet, to shed the "moral" argument: Why should we be opposed to homosexuality and prohibit it?

So, for those Christians who have chosen this parcel from the Bible and condemn homosexuality, please explain why. Please offer arguments and reasons against homosexuality. I am genuinely interested in why. And, the reasons should not create some sort of double standard.

For those Christians who have not chosen this particular thing, why not?

This question is of particular importance in America. A legitimate secular purpose is one of the requirements for any sort of law. Now's your chance. What's the legitimate secular purpose? So, since we're considering the political ramfications as well, feel free to address same-sex marriage if you wish.

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