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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Prostrate for Christian Tolerance!

Ray likes to call atheists chicken for, supposedly, criticizing Christianity instead of Islam. In his latest post he warns of the repercussion to atheists due to Religulous mocking Islam. It's more of the, "oh, you atheists are lucky you live in America and are criticizing Christians. You're lucky this isn't the Middle East or that you aren't criticizing Islam because they'd kill you. You should be thankful we're so tolerant that we don't attack you."
Comfort warns that Hollywood has gotten away with mockery of Christianity, but many Muslims aren’t so tolerant.
It echoes one of his earlier sentiments (which he pulls out all the time):
I want to get under your skin and ask why you don’t have the courage to even whisper to Muslims what you keep shouting at Christians. Prove me wrong. [...] You wouldn’t dare, because you are chicken-livered. You know that they are not like Christians. Despite the “anonymity” of your little chicken coop, they would come after you to lop off your head.
Are you kidding me? Why is this always something I hear Christians pull out when Christianity is mocked or criticized? At least 70% of Ray's blog is dedicated to mocking atheists; do we come back at him and say "hey, you should be thankful that we atheists don't send you death threats like the Catholics or lop your head off like the Muslims for mocking us"?

When I refuse to let you borrow my car, should you admonish me by saying "you should be thankful I asked you instead of just stealing it." What is this nonsense of "you're lucky I don't throw a temper tantrum and hit you," anyway?

What are you? Three?

1 comment:

Whateverman said...

He should be glad that we're not like the Catholics who sent PZ death threats after their cracker was abused.

Ray should be happy that his critics don't use theor political power to censor his free-but-vapid speech.