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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm Suing Ray Comfort

And unlike Patrick, I have a legitimate claim: copyright infringement.

Ray Comfort has announced he has written a bible for atheists. I have already completed a bible for atheists:

This lengthy 344 page bible covers every belief of atheism. If Ray's atheist bible is an accurate text on beliefs in atheism, it will be word-for-word identical to my unpublished text. A lawsuit will be filed once his is published, unless it's a straw man or completely irrelevant.

I have uploaded my completed atheist bible for free download:

I will close with a quote from page 187:
-- The Atheist Bible, pg 187
Very powerful, I know. It's even more inspiring in print:


Whateverman said...

Thanks - that was pretty damned funny

Enshoku said...

I saw the joke coming from a mile away, still quite amusing however.

RevDave said...

Haha... wow...

If Comfort's lawyers are anywhere as charmingly ineffective in off-the-cuff debates as he is in some of his own witnessing videos (link goes to his website; check out the "P Nasty" interview at the bottom), then you should emerge an easy victor.

Good luck!