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Saturday, July 5, 2008

"Hard" Philosophy

It amazes me, sometimes, the things that Ray says. He'll say that light is invisible... we just can't see it. He'll say he doesn't know why there are fires in California, but then turn around and say they're because God's punishing the homosexuals. And now, he says that atheists don't know what "hard" is because we don't have it written down in a book somewhere.

This is also from the same man who says that no one is good because God is the perfect good. By that logic, then, he must also admit that there is nothing hard because God is the perfect hard. Where in the Bible does it define everything that is hard, anyway? I know the places in the Bible where it defines things as good (sacrifice animals, own slaves, stone unruly children, etc), but I can't recall where it defines things as hard.

It would be nice for us atheists to have an imaginary friend who knows everything, like Ray has. After all, by Ray's logic if you were to have an imaginary friend who you claim knows everything, then you would know everything; you would have "absolute truth."
Without the solid foundation of the Word of God you will be blown about by the winds of an ever-changing secular philosophy.
Until Ray owns slaves and, upon having his virgin daughter raped, demands 50 shekels of silver and a wedding, I don't want to hear about the "solid foundation" the Bible has or how secular philosophy is "ever-changing." As I described in an earlier post, the Bible is ever-changing as well.


Anonymous said...

'cut n paste' from Ray's blog does not show you are correct in your viewpoints, it only shows the people that you will fabricate any story to support your paranoia.

Hope you will open your mind to the reality of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

Our foundation is based on what the Holy Bible teaches us. Our salvation comes from the New Testament.

There is life after death, but without Jesus Christ as your Savior, you will go to Hell.

Its that simple! Secular reasoning will get you straight to Hell when you die. All men have sinned and fallen short! ITs only by grace we are saved. Praying for you!!!

DisComforting Ignorance said...

Hello Terry,

Thank you for your comments. I don't quite understand, though, so I hope you will post a clarifying comment. I have the following questions on your first paragraph:

1. What did I "cut n paste"?
2. Where did I claim that "cut in past" shows that I am correct in my viewpoints?
3. What story did I fabricate?
4. What paranoia for which am I fabricating stories to support?

For the rest of your post, what foundation are you speaking of? A Moral foundation? As I pointed out in this post and as I point out in my Theist Memory Verses, there's a great deal of immorality taught in the Bible (which is no surprise, given that it was written by such primitive people). My point to Ray is, and to you, if you want me to begin to take your claims seriously that the Bible is the immutable Word of God and the foundation of your moral values, you must first show me that you accept those moral values.

And, if you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, then you are going straight to Hell when you die and you will burn. That's what the Muslims' book says:

They misbelieve who say, "Verily, God is the Messiah, the son of Mary"; but the Messiah said, "O children of Israel! Worship God, my Lord and your Lord"; verily, he who associates aught1 with Allah, Allah hath forbidden him Paradise, and his resort is the Fire, and the unjust shall have none to help them. (Koran 5:76)

Does that give you great pause? That the Qur'an says that you are going to burn in Hell? I imagine not, as you believe the Qur'an is false. Likewise, I believe your Bible is false for the same reasons I believe the Qur'an is false. Therefore, if the Qur'an saying you will burn in Hell doesn't give you pause, why should the Bible saying I will burn in Hell give me pause? This is for the same reason you shouldn't quote Psalms 14:1 at atheists.

Lastly, I appreciate that you are going to take time to pray for me. I would ask, though, that you do this. There is also a discussion I had with a fellow Christian in the comments there.

- JT

Anonymous said...

Ray keeps saying the same thing over and over again and never addresses any of the hard questions, like the immoral parts of the bible. Oh, and for your comment guidelines you forgot the Flying Spaghetti Monster should always be capitalized, unless you want to be thrown into the boiling gates of pasta hell!!
Speaking of hell:

I can imagine the idea of hell is very real to you and you may feel you need to warn atheists of it. However, at the end of the day hell is a physical threat and it doesn't help anyone want to follow your "loving" god.

DisComforting Ignorance said...

Surprise, surprise, Skeptical Sorcerer! It seems that today Ray has said something new! (Either that or the lack of sleep is catching up on me and I don't recognize its format.) He made the assertion that if we accept evolution, we should worship it. Quite humorous indeed :-)

I'll have to add that to the comment guidelines (as the part about Google and Microsoft seems confusing to people, it appears) :-)

Anonymous said...

"He made the assertion that if we accept evolution, we should worship it."

Silly Ray, doesn't he know we worship the Big Bang? *rolls eyes*