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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Out of Town & Blog Recommendations

Hey all,

I just wanted to make a public note that I'm out of town for several days attending a friend's wedding. Posts and comments will be a little delayed, but rest assured, I'm working on some replies to Ray's recent postings. I also have an entry on Ray's view of evolution and science upcoming soon.

I wanted, also, to make a request for blogs, websites, or any other feeds to which you subscribe and enjoy. This is a request to both Christians and non-Christians. If you're a Christian and you read a blog you think might be useful for me, please post it as a comment (as I read several Christian blogs). This is a request for any blogs on science, religion, and skepticism. I subscribe to over 100 blogs (what a backup I am accumulating out of town), but I'm always weeding some out and on the lookout for more.

All suggestions are much appreciated.

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