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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Books, Blogs, and Photos

This is just a housekeeping post of several items, hopefully still interesting.

Coconut vs Pineapple Photos
The response to the death match was quite positive (I was honestly expecting many "what a pointless waste of time" comments, but even those were positive). I have uploaded all of the photos from the battle (~80) to a gallery. There was a photo every seven seconds, so it's really just a photo account of the battle.

Before conducting the death match, I took advantage of the photographer and did another small project on another trait of Ray's. Details to come soon... until then, Part IV of VII of The Theist Test is coming out this weekend.

Adrian Hayter's Book Club
I have been wanting to tie this into a Rational Sabbath; however, that's on hold for the moment (see below). As such, I wanted to mention the book club at The Atheist Blogger:

The book is The Demon Haunted World by Carl Sagan. I have decided to participate (as I had it on my reading list, anyway). So, join if you can. This will be my first of the book club, so I can't comment on that itself, but I like the idea.

The Rational Sabbath
The Rational Sabbath is on hold until I can get back home. With the goings-on here, I have only enough time to update the blog and conduct death matches with fruits. My reading time (both books and blogs) is limited while out of town.

Some Blogs I am Trying Out
With that having been said, I thought I'd make a note of some new blogs I have recently started reading (when I find the time). I have not read much, but they look promising from what I've seen.

Kafir Girl: I'm enjoying this one. She is reading the Qur'an and providing commentary on each chapter. She also posts on ludicrous religious asininities in Islam. It has been delightful so far and I hope this doesn't fizzle out like some of the holy text blogs of days past.
Atheist Girls: ... because we need more females in atheist and skeptic rings :-) It is written by three atheist college girls. I haven't read much of it yet (as they're updating too fast for me right now), but it is one I'm trying out.
Answers in Genesis BUSTED!: For as long as this blog has been around and as much as I read AiG, I am surprised I had not found this blog sooner. It is a responsive blog to Answers in Genesis and other creationist organizations, including ICR and Discovery Institute. Of the entries I have read, he has covered articles from AiG, William Dembski's blog, book reviews, and more. It looks very promising. I have tried to read Dembski's Uncommon Descent, but it was too much of an irrational overload to handle. This man must have nerves of evolved steel.

There are of course some more, but these are the three top ones. I am excited about Kafir Girl as I have tried finding good Mormon and Muslim blogs but none have seemed up to par.

Blogrolling News
DisComforting Ignorance has been accepted to The Atheist Blogroll managed by Mojoey over at Deep Thoughts. You can read my introduction to Disco Igno posted at Deep Thoughts.

I have received a few emails requesting some blog recommendations (to which to subscribe). I already have a few of my favorites listed to the right. There are many more, though, so I have included a complete listing of all the blogs to which I am currently subscribed. I will try to keep it manually updated as I do revisions until I get an automated process in place.


The Ranting Student said...

Your posts are always great. I have Sagan's book on an Ebook file. I'll try to get to it[I've yet to read it].

I'm excited to see you destroy Ray with more of his own medicine.

Pvblivs said...

     Part IV?! I never saw parts II and III!

DisComforting Ignorance said...

@the ranting student
Thanks a lot :-) Glad to know someone's enjoying it. I do hope you decide to join as well as I think I may do some sort of special post for the book club when I finish it. Not sure yet, though.

Darn, someone caught it! I decided to skip over the second and third tests (for now) and go on to the fourth one, as that one is much more substantive for a parody. Part two is really some quote mining and misrepresentation and part three is just about natural order.

I'm still reading through some of Ray Comfort's stuff to find the best part to quote mine for part two.

Anonymous said...

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