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Friday, July 4, 2008

Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

Do atheists hate Christians? Ray Comfort would have you think so. Ray Comfort, like most Christian "enthusiasts" like to paint a picture of atheists that:

* We hate God.
* We only say that we don't believe in God so that we can do evil things.
* We are narrow-minded and dogmatic to doctrines (whatever those are).
* We hate Christians.
* We think Christians are evil.
* We claim to know that no god exists.
* We do nothing charitable and are wholly ungood.

I'd say those are probably the top items. Ray claims Christians are like sheep, and he searched for "sheep attacks man" and found no instances (of which I am skeptical). But tell me Ray, did you search for any of the following?

* Sheep run for political offices and use ceaseless rhetoric about freedom requiring faith?
* Sheep protest removing "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance which links patriotism with faith?
* Sheep pass faith-based legislation which erodes the First Amendment?
* Sheep endlessly pursue legislation to ban sodomy and gay marriage?
* Sheep promote an anti-science agenda?
* Sheep discriminate against atheists in the workplace?
* Sheep discriminate against atheist students in the classroom?
* Sheep pursue political office to push their religion on to others?
* Sheep denigrate the great atheist veterans of America by using the hideous slogan "no atheists in foxholes"?
* Sheep erect religious monuments in courthouses?
* Sheep shun and castigate atheist members in the military?
* Sheep link atheism to pedophilia, molestation, rape, drug addiction, and murder in speeches?

No? Well, it seems it isn't a true comparison after all. Besides blindly following the herder, I fail to see any similarity.

But do atheists hate Christians? Well, atheism is not an organization, has no doctrines, and has no philosophy. Atheism is simply responding to the question "Do you believe in a god or gods?" with anything other than yes. As such, I couldn't speak for all atheists, but I can speak for myself and also say that every atheist I've ever met likely shares the same feelings.

Unlike Christians who claim to hate the sin and love the sinner, I really do hate Christianity and love the Christian (depending on the Christian -- no Pat Robertsons for me). Take homosexuality, look at the hullabaloo they raise over that. "Good" Christians take every chance they get to link homosexuality to pedophilia, murder, rape, and beastiality. "Good" Christians beat, bash, and lynch homosexuals. "Good" Christians denigrate the love homosexual couples have for one another by calling it immoral, sinful, and an abomination. That seems much more like hating the sin and hating the sinner more.

I don't think Christians are evil, unlike Ray thinking atheists are evil. I generally like Christians and find them generally to be wonderful people. I generally like jews and find them generally to be wonderful people. I generally like atheists and find them generally to be wonderful people.

I hate the product of Christianity. Ray says that "some" Christians are "even" politicians! The vast majority of politicians are Christians. And you know what? I don't have a problem with that in the slightest -- well, besides that I would like to see a bit more diversity among politicians. Some of my favorite politicians have been Christians. Do you know what I hate though? I hate when Christians like Rick Perry link atheists to pedophiles, molesters, and rapists in speeches. I hate when Christians like George Bush promote egregious faith-based programs. I hate when Christians continually infringe on the rights of others, most recently of homosexuals. I hate when Christians erect monuments to Christianity in our courthouses, on our money, and in our Pledge.

And I also hate when Christians like Ray promote an anti-science agenda. His blog is filled with anti-science propaganda. Ray and Ben Stein's crowd of Christians would have you think that "science leads you to killing people." Science is absolutely vital to our survival and well-being. And yet, we've all but lost the edge to other countries. Science liberates the mind and betters all mankind, such as eliminating smallpox and almost eliminating polio and measles. And yet, Ray, you viciously attack it and show a blatant ignorance of it in your blog and in your videos and in your books. It is vile.

If that's what a "genuine Christian" is, that are far from harmless and have an evil agenda indeed. I do hate that type of Christian, but on general I am really quite fond of Christians, as I am humans in general. I am out of town to attend my best friend's wedding. She is a devout Christian, attends church twice a week, never swears, has nothing but kind words for others, strives for excellence in all her endeavors, and tries to adhere to the principles of her religion, at least those which promote love and peace. So, if Ray is the standard, she is most definitely not a genuine Christian.

But then again, that assessment is coming from an evil, pedophile, murdering atheist. According to Psalms 14:1, I do no good, and Ray takes every occasion to remind me.

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