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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ray's Phantom Quotes -- Why Source?

I am working on the next installment of the Theist Test (should be up tomorrow). Until then, I've made a post over at The Raytractors entitled Sourcing Quotes and Lying for Jesus.

In it, I explain why Ray should source quotes and also his history of dishonesty with not only quotes but arguments in general. In the conclusion I write:
He should acknowledge his mistake, instead of just pulling out a bottle of white-out, as he did when he realized he was wrong about quoting Einstein as believing the Bible was the Word of God.

Ray, though, seems to be very dishonest, or part of the "it's okay to lie for Jesus" camp.
I'm curious, what do you all think? Is Ray:

a) Just a dishonest person?
b) Just incompetent/unintelligent?
c) Just part of the "it's okay to lie for Jesus" crowd?

As a footnote, you should be sure to subscribe to The Raytractors. One of my favorite atheist bloggers Adrian Hayter, host of The Atheist Blogger, has just joined the team. There should be even more interesting posts coming out of there, as Adrian has posted a few times on Ray already.


slyght said...

i just found your post "deathmatch - pineapple vs. coconut" on stumble. it was a really funny read. nice blog, now i have to read the backlog.

Anonymous said...

Which camp is Ray in? He's all 3! Why did you even ask this question?