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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Crossed the Line...

... and so did Ray.

I was going to post this to the Raytractors; however, that vigilant Clostridiophile beat me to the punch by updating on the situation first posted by Rufus.

I am participating in the so-called Atheist Strike put forward by the Raytractors. In response to his untitled post where he quoted Plato, though, I just had to post a comment requesting a source. Of course, the quote he posted had no source as it is fictitious. Getting in an early comment for a source would certainly send some looking for it.

Mind you, though, this is not the first time he has put his words in Plato's mouth. But the hilarity of this post goes past this simple little fact, as is noted in the comments of Rufus's earlier post here.

I can imagine Ray and his cohorts replying to my "Source?" comment by sourcing the Newton quote. But we don't even need to consult Google's cache to see his dishonesty here:

Blogger takes the subject or first few words of the post to generate the title. The words the filename of the post generates from are:
"Atheism is a disease of the soul before it becomes an error of understanding." -- Plato
Well, we might as well also link to the Google Cache. But since that's not available at the moment, look at the Google result for this post:

His dishonesty has really gotten out of hand. If he wanted to be just minimally dishonest, he could have simply deleted the post (along with my comment) and then posted a new entry (and dishonestly fail to mention why).

Edit (11:03pm)
Well, the first comment responding to my source comment is in. Ray originally quotes Plato, for which I request a source. He then changes it to Newton. A reader comes to the blog seeing only the Newton quote and my comment and responds:
discomforting ignorance

just copy and paste the quote into shouldn't be to hard to find...!
It could very well be that this Plato quote has a source, unlike the previous one, but as far as I could find, it doesn't. I was asking for a source for the Plato one before the readily verifiable Newton one (though, he should still source it).

Edit (10:24am, 7/21)
Second source for Newton in!


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Clostridiophile said...

Nice post, sorry to scoop you on that one, but in the end we are all on the same team, and there is plenty of time to get me back :D