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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fellow DisComforting Blogs

I will soon be doing a blogroll to my right (another delay caused by the trip). I wanted to make a quick note to everyone some blogs which either regularly or on occasion discuss the inanity of Ray's posts. If anyone knows of any blogs which respond favorably to Ray's posts, I would be very appreciative of such resources. (And of course, the same for any additional on Ray.)

Of Microbes and Men -- Clostridiophile regularly responds to posts.
flinging dust -- There's usually something humorous posted here, including on Ray and his commenters.
Pharyngula -- Sometimes Ray's inanity is so profound, it makes the topic of this profoundly popular blog.
Friendly Atheist -- Posts on an array of issues including news items, several on Ray.
The Ranting Student -- A recently started blog with several posts on Ray
Happy Jihad's House of Pancakes -- I have only recently subscribed to this blog, but he seems to post a few on Ray every month.
Just my thoughts -- Has posted a few recently on Ray.

Also, there is a blog called The Seeker which has posted twice on Ray. I thought I'd link to their first post here as it's the person's introduction to Ray Comfort's logic (such as a Boeing 747 contradicting logic).

1 comment:

Copache said...

I've actually written 3 blogs on Comfort. They're all listed on my list of creationist failures. Thanks for the honourable mention, though, really makes my day to know that someone out there might enjoy reading my stuff. :)