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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Malicious Comments

A regular commentary I have read from Ray about his blog is how polite and respectful the Christian commenters are and how malicious and filthy the atheist commenters are. The Christian commenters try to reason with the atheist and have a civil discourse, but he has to continually delete atheist comments which are full of insults, profanity, and blasphemy.

I have been working on an entry about the atheist definition and was referring to some past comments and thought it's humorous the Christian comments on here. I'll take two commenters for example who are also regular commenters on Ray's blog...

"HBKS" Terry
I am sure every atheist blogger who regularly reads Ray's blog is familiar with this "gentleman." He has left two comments on my blog. In response to "Hard" Philosophy (concerning the necessity of a perfect, absolute standard):
'cut n paste' from Ray's blog does not show you are correct in your viewpoints, it only shows the people that you will fabricate any story to support your paranoia.

Hope you will open your mind to the reality of God and His Son Jesus Christ.

Our foundation is based on what the Holy Bible teaches us. Our salvation comes from the New Testament.

There is life after death, but without Jesus Christ as your Savior, you will go to Hell.

Its that simple! Secular reasoning will get you straight to Hell when you die. All men have sinned and fallen short! ITs only by grace we are saved. Praying for you!!!
I have embolden the part where he makes a baseless accusation (and completely irrelevant to the post) that I am fabricating stories to support my paranoia. He also threatens me with Hell. If he believes it to be true or not, he has still threatened me to either come to his point of view or suffer physically.

The second comment he posts to Why I Hate Vacations:
Your ingnorance is very Discomforting!

.. and may I say... your arrogance is astounding!

Repent while you still can fiend.
He posts that to a short entry on hating vacation because it causes my feeds and email inbox to back up. Again, he insults me without providing any supporting context. I'm ignorant, arrogant, and a fiend.

"In Christian Love" Brittany
Now, contrast this with my favorite Christian commenter Brittany. Not once does she insult me or fling baseless accusations. Here's an excerpt of a comment discussing Hell to the entry Bleeding Heart Prayers:
"I would be forced to suffer knowing that they were dealt a great injustice in this life, forced to live and die in miserable conditions, only to spend eternity in the next life burning in Hell."

Your comment makes me think of many of my un-saved family members. It makes me want to talk to them right now about their eternal life. But I have to
remember that everyone is given a choice. They get to choose to accept Christ or not. I cannot force them to accept Him.

If they do not accept Him, then I can only continually pray for them and show them Christ's love for them through my life.

I see where your coming from,,,because I don't think that any person would want anyone to suffer in hell....Therefore I hope you understand why so many Christians are adamant about telling the non-believers about Christ and all He has to offer them.
She's not coming out and saying "you're going to Hell." It's what she believes and she discusses it as such. (To give context, it is her and I going back and forth about perspectives on Heaven and Hell.) In contrast to Terry, she's always polite and is open to questions and poses questions of her own.

The Point
What's the point of this? There really is no point. I see many atheists' comments which are in poor taste and/or illogical. But just as often (actually more often as I read more atheist-friendly blogs) I see Christians posting horrible things. They'll post death threats, they use all kinds of profanity, the malign posters, and the such.

I receive mainly friendly and respectful atheist comments on my blog as mine is an atheist blog. Ray receives mainly friendly and respectful Christian comments on his blog as his is a Christian blog. He does not seem to realize it, though, and instead makes a hasty generalization about the behavior of atheists and Christians alike in all situations.

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The Ranting Student said...


I love Phyrangula too, by the way, and am closely following the catholic death threats he's recieving...

I think it's way out of line.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about what Ray said about atheists and christians (atheists being more rude) just recently because of all the crap terry has been spouting. However, it's nice to see the occasional friendly christian on the blog. I suspect there are not more on Ray's blog because Ray himself is a hateful and intolerant person. If I were a christian I would be embarrassed by Ray and try to avoid him.

Anonymous said...


"Now, contrast this with my favorite Christian commenter Brittany."

Why, Thank You!
btw your blog is my favorite to comment on, besides that of Ray's, that is....!:)

I hope you had a great day discomforting ignorance!

In Christian Love,

DisComforting Ignorance said...

@Skeptical Sorcerer: Yeah. Clostridiophile posted a link on his website to a Christian page regarding Ray. That's more on scriptural grounds, though. I have an atheist friend I was talking to a few weeks ago, who happens to share my eccentric political views, and she made the comment along the lines of "It's the crazy ones who make make my views seem crazy." I would definitely want to distance myself from Ray if I were a Christian. For me, I'm against gun control, but the crazies who make statements like "If someone breaks into your home and you don't have a gun, how are you supposed to shoot him?" always make me cringe.

@Brittany: Thanks for always stopping by, I do enjoy you as a regular commenter :-) I only wish I could get a little more you and a little less Terry in the future :P