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Monday, July 7, 2008

Upcoming Entries

Well, I am still out of town so I haven't been around a computer all that much -- well, only about 3 hours or so a day now, which is near-fatal for a programmer such as myself. While I haven't been on much, I have been working on various entries and also thinking of some. I haven't been able to turn them out due to lack of time, but I wanted to make a prospective post to let you know what I'm working on (to intersperse with DisComforting posts):

- A Bigot's Paradise: a theist's view of Heaven.
- A Humanitarian's Hell: an atheist's view of Heaven.
- Pluto's Godly Trait: you have often heard Pluto invoked as the point-in-case argument for believing something without evidence. Now see why it falls flatter than the Earth.
- Not Believing and Believing Not: Correctly defining and applying atheism; plus my personal religious views.
- God Is Not Great... Enough?: Why Raytheists' views of evolution are blasphemous.
- The Wisdom of my Father: A reflection back on education from my fundamentalist father.
- Conversation With a Theist: A recent discussion I had with a theist over prayer for atheists.

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