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Monday, June 30, 2008

"Blind" Ignorance and Blatant Dishonesty

Well, I started this blog too late to weigh in on Ray's now infamous Thank God for Science. I decided, when I started this blog, I would not go back through his posts to pick apart past articles (unless they contribute to a recent post) for two reasons:
1) It would overwhelm you with too many posts, and
2) Ray's a broken record; he will keep repeating the same arguments and untruths, so it's just a matter of waiting for another post to surface.
The aforementioned article, though, is creating some waves of blog posts I thought I would apprise you of. Ray thinks that light is invisible. That is, he thinks that visible light is invisible. I suppose we can't be too surprised that he thinks this, given that:
1) He is utterly ignorant (not agnostic) when it comes to science. After all, this is the man who thinks a magic man is sending down lightning and withholding rain in California to punish the legal developments regarding homosexual marriage. Not to mention that he thinks the Universe is only a few thousand years old, denies evolution as both theory and fact, and thinks a banana proves the existence of God.
2) He has a special Dictionary of DisComfort he uses which says that a liar is someone who has told one lie and that parody means to compare two things so as to infer another similarity. So, why should we be surprised that he thinks "visible" means "invisible"?
So, here are just a few blog posts to check out that I found humorous:
Atheist Blogger: Ray Comfort: "Light is invisible."
Atheist Blogger: Ray Rewrites
The Seeker: Ray Comfort: What the Fuck, Man?
Feeling Kind of Blue: OMG OMG R U Serious?

What we learn from this post is, not only is Ray as scientifically illiterate and ignorant on this science subject than any other, but it's also another submission to the evidence lockup that Ray is dishonest. He makes a post, people expose that he doesn't know anything, and then he unscrupulously rewrites it without posting any sort of notice or indication. That's called dishonesty.

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