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Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Comforting Quote Mine!

The header has been updated with two new Ray Comfort quotes. This does mean that the Hawking quote had to be removed, but I quite prefer that as I rather dislike the idea of summing up the beliefs of a man like Hawking from one quote in a header image.

As for the two new quotes, as with the two previous quotes, I am not like Ray. As such, I will provide the proper context for these two quotes.

First Quote:
I want you to know that I believe Jesus Christ is the only way to God; there's no other way! Not Hinduism; not Buddhism; not Islam. There's no way you can get to God but through Jesus Christ. I'm what you call a bigot; a fundamentalist. I believe what the bible says and there's a reason for that. (source)
Fourth Quote:
Here's the build-up to my question: Some say Jesus of Nazareth was a great teacher. Others say that He was crazy, while others (a few) think that He didn’t exist at all.

I think that "great" teachers don’t say the sort of weird things He said (believe His words and you have everlasting life, that His voice would raise the billions of the dead human race, etc.), and if He didn’t exist, who said these amazing words? So, I think that there are only two reasonable options. He was either a crazy liar, or He was the Son of God. (source)
As an atheist, my mission in life is to edit everything Ray Comfort writes so I can make him look like an idiot.

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flinging dust said...

I somehow can't think of a more worthy mission !