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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Why I'm Obsessed With Ray Comfort

I'm not, per se. I find him to be quite humorous. The more I do this blog and contribute over at The Raytractors, the more humorous he becomes. When I find him posting on light being invisible, I enjoy it because I laugh. When I find him changing that post to the "essence" of light being invisible, I laugh harder. I then draw connections to a past event where he said science was ignorant of "atoms" until recently. Then when he was corrected on it that the science went back before the common era, he changes it to science was "mostly ignorant" of "atoms." I then tape up my side to prevent it from splitting open.

I find posting on Ray Comfort rather cathartic, as well. The depth of his dishonesty is highly entertaining. He quote mines Darwin, then admits he's quote mining Darwin, then continues to quote mine Darwin. He comes up with this bulletproof banana argument, he concedes the banana argument due to atheists pointing out that the banana was intelligently designed by man, he then continues to use it, and then he disavows it in any interview and says its because of the evil atheists who unscrupulously edited it to "make a monkey" out of him. I find all of this entertaining. It's especially entertaining when he quote mines someone and then at the end of the post puts something along the lines of: "just watch how the atheists are going to claim I quote mined!" It amuses me when he quote mines someone like Hawking, puts the source down, and all you have to do is follow the link to see how he took it out of context.

The only time Ray really irritates me is when he posts wildly false things about people like the Founders, or Einstein, or Hawking. He makes wild claims, like Einstein believed the Bible was the Word of God, or that Einstein believed humans were intelligently designed. No matter how much you can catch him up in his dishonesty of it, it angers me to see that being done. I find it tasteless and disrespectful. I also hate seeing him lead people astray with his anti-science, anti-intellectual posts on a number of items, especially evolution and the nature of science/scientific progress.

That's why I post on Ray Comfort. I will post on others when they come across my attention and haven't already been done by others, but I doubt they will be as entertaining as Ray Comfort. That is, unless his name is Dinesh D'Souza, in which case he posts all sorts of entertaining items, such as John Edwards and Liberal Virtue, which I decided to stay away due to its political nature.

Pvblivs has often posted that he wonders if Ray is serving an evil spirit in disguise. I don't. I often wonder if Ray is a stand-up comic in disguise.

"If a building requires a builder and a painting requires a painter, then..."
"Oh, here comes the punchline!"
"Creation requires a Creator."

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