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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blog Upgradates

Top Keyword
Firstly, just something humorous from Google Analytics. The top keyword of people finding my blog?
death by coconut
DiscoIgno is the second result :-)

New Header
As I was looking at my header today, I noticed that the theme of "discomforting ignorance" portrayed by the Comfort quote mines is done a disservice by the blue marble image which is a symbol for anything but ignorance. As such, I've added some Icons of Ignorance, including the crocoduck, banana, and Coke can.

Diggin' it?
I also decided to add a Digg button to my posts. That's because readership has been steadily increasing (especially since the pineapple-coconut death match), so I decided it would be a good thing to add now.

Upcoming Posts
Can anyone else not listen to the archive of Ray's appearance today? I really want to listen to it (as I missed it), but I can't get it to play. If I can, I'll make a post on that.

Otherwise, the next few posts will probably be continuing the history of the First Amendment, as was inspired over at Debunking Atheists.

Also up to bat in the next few days: a very special (and tasty) surprise. If you thought the pineapple was a delicious post, you haven't seen anything yet :-)

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