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Monday, August 11, 2008

Did God Attack Me?

This morning I was shaving, preparing for a meeting with a client. I've been cutting my own hair for over a year now. I noticed my hair line was hanging down over my ear, so I decided to quickly trim it back, as I often do.

I was listening to a Christian podcast at the time on the CD player in the bathroom. As I'm trimming, someone unexpectedly breaks the monologue and screams "PRAISE JESUS!" I jumped.


Off goes a patch of hair about two inches in length.

If this were an attack, it was planned very well. I had to set my razor on the lowest possible setting and got to work shaving the rest of my hair down so that the patch wasn't noticeable. I get the top done, one side, and a patch in the back before the razor dies. I realized that I did not plug my razor back in when I returned from my trip recently.

So, now I have to go to my meeting in a hat. So now a new professional dilemma: do I wear my Firefox cap or my Google cap?

P.S. I realized I failed to finish the final case of the conclusion of the second part of the First Amendment series. I'll get that up today.

Update: I just realized I didn't hit post on this before I headed out this morning. I wore the Firefox cap ;)

1 comment:

k3vin said...

google, I mean Google vs. Firefox hat is a hard choice but Firefox edges out slightly for me. However, I'd probably just alternate them around...

But yeah, let this be a warning. Don't do anything involving holding sharp objects when listening to Christian podcasts.. You never know where they're going to shout their god's name.