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Friday, August 8, 2008

Ray, Open Your Eyes

Ray said on his WDAY appearance that claiming there is no evidence of God is like trying to point out the Sun to a man who has his eyes closed.

Ray's blindness to evolution, though, is even more profound than the man who has his eyes closed to the Sun. The Sun is only visible for half a day. The evidence of evolution, though, is visible all day long via the Internet. No transitional fossils? No progress since Darwin? No observed instances of species-to-species transformation? Second Law of Thermodynamics disproves evolution?

Ray, open your eyes! If you want to take the evidence of evolution and then continue to say evolution is false, go ahead and do that -- as you did with light being invisible. But at least take the evidence of evolution. Could you please point to the passage in the Bible that says it's not okay for someone to lie, unless his name is Ray Comfort? Or the passage that lying for Jesus isn't lying? Your credibility is destroyed by your countless documented instances of dishonesty.

And we're supposed to take your blog to be Atheist Central? While many atheists descend on it trying to inject truth and rationality, perhaps it is more aptly named Ignorance Central. It is your one stop shop for justifying ignorance. You creationists who lie and say there is no evidence for evolution and the big bang are no better than your fellow creationists who lie and say there is no evidence for the theory of relativity or the heliocentric model -- all because you have a book written by men who lived in a time millenia before the rise of modern science, much less classical antiquity.

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