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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Why I Love Atheists, Part I

Drumroll, please. I have finally finished my backlog of blog posts. Alright, not all of them, but almost half. While the 100+ Friendly Atheist posts liked to have killed me, it was good nonetheless. I thought, perhaps, I would highlight why I love atheists, based on this blogathon. Consider this your Rational Sabbath back-taxes...

I love the Amiable Atheist because, well, she's just so darn amiable. She went on a holy crusade against the profane atheists as well as a holy crusade for the proselytizing atheists. Could she be an amiable Christian in disguise? Methinks so.

I love the Atheist Blogger because he lives up to his blog's title (unlike me)... he's an atheist who blogs. He hosts a book discussion, which I'm joining this month, and when he is wrong about something, he doesn't simply delete the post like Ray, he posts an explanation of how he was wrong. He also ventures out into non-atheist areas where I disagree with him, such as the death penalty. He intelligently designed that post so that I wouldn't have to be a sheep that agrees with everything he writes.

I love Of Microbes and Men because it's by a microbiologist who gets educated by Ray's minions about the fairy tale of evolution. He saves me from having to troll YouTube for Creationists Gone Wild type videos. He also focuses on different aspects of Ray's posts than I think to. His post count decreased this week making it easier on me, so I love him for that, too.

I love Heathenz because the author k3vin is a heathen... I'm big on blogs living up to their titles. First, he's a heathen when it comes to religion. He posts some creationist quotes from FSTDT, which is always the hallmark sign of a heathen. And when he's not posting on the silly antics of Ray Comfort, he's posting on the silly antics of Chuck Colson and why he uses religious words. Second, he's, like me, a computer scientist heathen -- scientific proof that he's awesome. He claims to have neglected his holy pursuit of PHP, though, in favor of Java. That makes him a heretic and a heathen -- the bad kind of heretic and heathen. He, like Clos, though, seems to be disappearing faster than the bees. PHP's punishment for the Java heathen? I think so.

I love the Friendly Atheist because, well, he's friendly. He's not an angry atheist, so he's compatible sitting next to my Amiable Atheist feed. He posts on many things you do not find elsewhere, as well as stories about him being a friendly atheist. In the 31 posts he makes a week, he finds time to give me a shout out.

I love Kafir Girl because she's a kafir, which I have learned translates to unbeliever (or vile fiend who doeth no good). She reads the Qur'an for me so that I don't have to. Since I am reading it anyway, it makes for nice commentary. Without her, I don't know if I could make my way through all the prostration of Allah to himself.

I love flinging dust because she... well... flung herself as dust off the face of the Flat Earth while I was gone. I wonder if she will return as "hurling particles"?

I love Just my thoughts because, when he's not posting on evolution, they're just my thoughts, too.

I love Pharyngula. While desecrating all things that are sacred (including from King Dawkins), he summons metaphorical demons to trigger a witch hunt.

I love Kill the Afterlife as Aaron's goal of killing the afterlife is a noble profession for any professing atheist. He notes the lack of gay deaths when God's wrath descended upon California after smiting Reverend Wright.

I love The Seeker because, unlike the seer, he actually finds stuff. He updates his "list of creationist failures" with the Expelled viral video. He also notes Kirk and Ray's lying for Jesus DVD. When he's not posting on Dembskism, he is waving his arms to get PZ to notice him... and then having Pharynguphiles crash his blog.

I love Evolved and Rational as he uses his blog entries to prove that he is both evolved and rational. In addition to taking on Bible-based science like creationism, he also takes on the Bible-based science of flat-earth.

I love the Atheist Revolution because it's a revolution against irrationality and extremism. Christians invading people's privacy who are trying to go to a porn store? That's covered. Anti-atheist bigotry? That's covered. You may have missed that evolution was disproven last month. That was also covered. That'll show the EVILutionists!

I love God is for Suckers! because he fails to realize that atheism is for suckers! Doesn't he know we atheists should be glad that we aren't killed for our beliefs in the US? Doesn't he realize that church-state separation is responsible for our education problems? Doesn't he realize that if even a 6-year-old knows that abortion is a sin, there's no excuse for no one else thinking it's not? Obviously not, as he got the blog title wrong. Sucker.

To be continued...


The Amiable Atheist said...

Oh no, you figured me out! :)

DisComforting Ignorance said...

Yeah, your disguise is no match for the probing might of my deductive skills :-D So much so, that I have started to pimp you out to your fellow Christians :P

nonmagical thinking said...

You do know that I am FD, right?

Just checking! ;)

The Seeker said...

I'm awesome. :3