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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Kirk and Ray's Abysmal Ignorance

A Blog From Hell writes on how to deal with the abysmal ignorance of the likes of Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, as we saw in their debate with the Rational Response Squad (where the crocoduck was spawned):
When Kirk Cameron first pulled out his crazy animal pictures, the "Crocoduck," "bullfrog" and "sheepdog," during the debate and claimed that "evolutionists had been searching for these animals for hundreds of years" I thought it would be part of some joke, but it wasn't. He was serious and he was telling a bald-faced lie (there are no scientists searching for those creatures and never had been). His joke had no punchline. Kelly and Brian seemed to watch in shock and horror, unable to comprehend Kirk's level of ignorance.
That fact [production of mules] might have been a better entry point into educating and communicating with Kirk and Ray. I say "might" because I don't know. Odds are nothing you could say would ever convince them because their reasons are are deeply emotional and not rational. I can only say the clues in that video clip tell me the three Christians all seem to have a comicbook misconception of evolution. You can only find out for sure by asking them more questions about evolution. You'll have to experiment with these things by getting out there in the chat-rooms and forums to argue with creationists and finding out for yourself what works and what doesn't.
Way too many Christians, however, have a childish comicbook ignorance of evolution. I think a lot of educated people would be shocked to find out how many. It's not just child actors and Christian home-school victims, high school biology itself seems to be failing to give people a basic knowledge of evolution.
It's a good thing he's just now getting to this debate, or else he'd have seen how deep the abyss of Ray's abysmal ignorance is, with such posts as Ray's acknowledgment of a species-to-species transition.

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