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Monday, April 6, 2009

An Update and a Comment

The Update
I am a bit stunned to see how long it has been since I last posted. Updating this blog and interacting with everyone was always an enjoyable part of the day. I have, however, had the past few months constitute the worst period of my life. Writing that at such a young age I am sure that I will experience far worse. But having lived probably a third to a fourth of my life, now, I feel it's significant and has made me feel as though I've matured in thought, but yet to meet it in action.

The Comment
While I haven't been updating, I have been reading all my comments as they are emailed to me. I still receive at least once a week, even though I haven't been updating. I thought I'd share one I received last week that was rather entertaining. This one was posted to my entry Arguing for a Christian God which explained on a prompt I put forth for Christian readers to convince me, specifically, of the Christian God. This is from a reader named "searching_agnostic":
hi - I'd love to read a good justification for Christainity also, as far as I can tell, from what most historians believe Paul wrote ~50's AD, we can be moderately confident that Paul, Peter, John and James believed Jesus was God and was ressurrected. This to me gives only three possibilities, 1) they were claiming the truth, and He was God
2) Peter, John and James were lying for reasons unknown. - why tho? no satisfactory answer found.
3) Peter, John and James where fooled, Paul was lying, or nuts.
help required to work out the likelihoods of each.
as an asside I'd feel much more comfortable with my Agnostic beliefs if the big bang was false.
I wonder if there is a reverse-Poe's law. From the several comments I have received of theists pretending to be atheists, I am unconvinced there is.